The SafeWork Awards is an annual state awards, designed to promote and recognise high standards of work health and safety in NSW workplaces. 


  1. Raise awareness of work health and safety (WHS) and return to work (RTW) and promote high standards of health and safety in NSW workplaces.
  2. Encourage innovation in WHS and RTW.
  3. Provide a forum for sharing ideas and solutions to work health and safety issues.
  4. Publicly recognise and reward outstanding work health and safety innovations and achievements.


  1. Categories for the SafeWork Awards are:
    1. Leadership in workplace health and safety culture – embedding a WHS landscape within your business. Two business size categories: small and large.
    2. Safe by design – best solution to high risk work health and safety issue.
    3. Safety champion - best individual contribution to WHS. This can include Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs). 
    4. Excellence in recovery at work - for a business
    5. Recovery at work achievement award – for a worker.
    6. Most significant contribution to the improvement of workplace health
    7. At risk worker achievement award.
    8. SafeWork NSW Excellence Award – across all categories, selected from all winners by the judging panel.
  2. This document, the instructions on how to enter the awards, the official entry form (all available at www.safeworkawards.com.au) and any other details about the SafeWork NSW Awards contained within promotional material all form part of the terms and conditions of entry. The terms and conditions of entry apply to all entrants in all categories for the SafeWork NSW Awards.
  3. The SafeWork NSW Awards will be administered by SafeWork NSW. 
  4. Entry for the SafeWork NSW Awards is open to individuals, associations, partnerships, companies, not for profit and other organisations operating and based within New South Wales. However, SafeWork NSW reserves the right to either allow or disallow any entrant for any reason at its complete discretion.
  5. The SafeWork NSW Awards opened in May 2019. 
  6. Entries must be received by midnight on Sunday 7 July 2019. Due to the overwhelming interest, we have extended the deadline. Entries are now open until 11.59pm Wednesday 10 July 2019. For reasons of fairness, late entries will not be accepted.
  7. The online application process (available at www.safeworkawards.com.au) must be completed for each entry.
  8. By submitting an entry, entrants shall be taken to have acknowledged and accepted these terms and conditions and to have agreed to be bound by them.
  9. Entries dealing with scientific, medical or technical achievements should be accompanied by a summary in plain English or ‘lay’ terms.
  10. Sponsors and those representing an organisation on a judging panel are ineligible to enter the SafeWork NSW Awards.
  11. Judges will have complete discretion in assessing entries, applying the judging criteria, conditions of entry and determining the Awards. The judges reserve the right, acting in its sole discretion, to move entries into an Award category other than that entered if it is deemed more appropriate. Entrants will be advised if this occurs.
  12. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  13. The assessment, conduct and results of the Awards will not create any legal obligations between entrants and SafeWork NSW, the Crown in right of New South Wales, Safe Work Australia or the Commonwealth.
  14. The SafeWork NSW Awards judging panels reserve the right not to allocate an Award in a particular category where, in their opinion, there are no entries of sufficient merit.
  15. In the event an entrant that is judged to have won a category is found to have failed to satisfy or abide by the terms and conditions of the SafeWork NSW Awards, that entrant shall not be entitled to the relevant Award and SafeWork NSW may, at its absolute discretion, award the relevant Award to another entrant or choose not to award the Award at all.
  16. Persons, sole traders or organisations submitting an entry to the Awards must have all insurance/levies required by law, or otherwise appropriate, for the conduct of their day to day activities (eg workers’ compensation).
  17. No responsibility is taken for any loss of, or damage to, entries.
  18. Entries and supporting material will not be returned to entrants.
  19. Each entrant warrants that its entry, including any designs and/or inventions, and any intellectual property rights arising in connection with that entry vest in the entrant and that the entry does not interfere with any third-party rights.
  20. Winning an Award does not signify endorsement of a particular product or a particular health and safety practice by SafeWork NSW or Safe Work Australia. An entrant which is granted an Award may freely disclose or publicise the grant of the Award, but must not represent, directly or indirectly, that SafeWork NSW has endorsed the entrant's product, method or service, or the entrant's work health and safety performance.
  21. SafeWork NSW reserves the right to decline to accept, or to disqualify, an entry at its absolute discretion, including but not limited to situations in which the entrant, or a related person or organisation, has breached or is under investigation for possible breaches of work health and safety laws (whether or not a prosecution is pending), or where the acceptance of the entry may otherwise be detrimental to the objectives of the SafeWork NSW Awards scheme.
  22. All entrants agree to allow officers of SafeWork NSW to enter and inspect premises that are the subject of, or related to, for the purposes of verifying the entry. If inspection for the purposes of entry verification cannot be conducted for whatever reason, SafeWork NSW reserves the right to disqualify an entry at its absolute discretion.
  23. SafeWork NSW will ensure that there is no disclosure to any third party of any information provided by an entrant and marked ‘confidential’, except with the prior consent of that entrant or where such a disclosure is authorised or required by law.
  24. By entering the SafeWork NSW Awards each entrant warrants that all information in its entry is true, accurate and complete. Entrants may be requested to provide further evidence to substantiate their entries and, if so requested, such evidence must be provided within the stipulated timeframe.
  25. All entrants authorise, subject to receipt of prior written notification, SafeWork NSW to use the information contained in entries (other than confidential information) for any purposes it sees fit including, but not necessarily limited to, promotional purposes.
  26. Without limiting the generality of clause 25, and subject to proper acknowledgement being given to the relevant entrant, all entrants authorise SafeWork NSW to publish details of their entry, including (but not limited to) contact names, phone numbers and photos. SafeWork NSW will not use the personal information of entrants for any other purpose without prior consent of the entrant, or unless authorised or required to do so by law.
  27. Entrants acknowledge that they may be required for presentations and media interviews in respect of their entry and agree to take all reasonable steps to make themselves available for, and actively participate in, such presentations or media interviews.
  28. All entrants authorise SafeWork NSW to recommend that the product, method or service comprising their entry be adopted for use by any other individual or organisation.
  29. Previous SafeWork NSW Awards winners are ineligible to enter this year’s Awards with the same, or substantially same, initiative/solution/contribution.
  30. SafeWork NSW, the Crown in right of New South Wales, Safe Work Australia, the Commonwealth and the officers, employees and agents of all the preceding do not accept any liability, however arising, including liability for negligence, for any accident, loss, injury or damage arising at any time out of or in connection with the SafeWork NSW Awards except for any liability that cannot, by law, be excluded.
  31. Entrants who breach any of these "conditions of entry" are subject to disqualification.
  32. B. Additional Terms and Conditions: Business and Organisations

These Additional Terms and Conditions: Businesses and Organisations apply to all entrants in all categories that are businesses or organisations:

To be considered for an Award, businesses and organisations must fulfil the following additional criteria:

  1. Compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and associated Regulations.

  2. Compliance with the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and associated Regulations.

  3. Compliance with the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 and associated Regulations.