For 65 years, Endeavour Foundation has provided work and education opportunities for people with disabilities. It understands not only the business advantages of getting an injured worker back on the job, but also the physical, social and emotional benefits of returning to the workplace.

When developing a recovery at work program for the 500 workers at its NSW business service, Endeavour changed the culture and told workers what they can expect after an injury. Rather than “you will return to work,” the message was “we will help you to recover at work.”

A dedicated recover-at-work coordinator now provides immediate assistance and works with the injured person through every step of their recovery. Since people with disabilities can require support at home, Endeavour makes it a priority to provide even the lightest of duties to minimise the time spent off work, easing the stress on families.

Winning this award has been great recognition for not only our NSW sites but also for Endeavour Foundation as a whole, regarding the safety culture and leadership we have established and continue to nurture.” Yvonne Paye, Manager at Endeavour.

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