D&D Traffic Management

D&D Traffic Management specialises in traffic management and traffic control services throughout Australia, and has designed a simple yet highly effective solution to protect traffic controllers in their highly dangerous role. PORTABOOM® is a portable, remote-controlled boom gate designed to replace traditional stop-and-slow methods, allowing traffic controllers to operate the device from a safe zone on the footpath, out of harm’s way.

Traffic controllers are subjected to a range of safety concerns, such as being extremely close to vehicle collisions, aggressive motorists ignoring traffic, fatigue, heat exhaustion, dehydration, sunburn and stress. PORTABOOM® has resulted in a 90 per cent reduction of incidents in their business.

In 2012, a serious near miss caused by an impatient driver, who almost collided with one of D&D’s traffic controllers, was the catalyst for change. PORTABOOM® changes the way traffic control is conducted in Australia and has now been used on over 4000 job sites.