Chris May - Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure


Construction worker Chris May’s philosophy on recovering after his injury is blunt: you have family and responsibilities.

“Life doesn’t stop and wait for you to get better.”

It was this attitude, together with the help of his employer Abergeldie and his family, which got Chris through some dark days and back on the job after a saw struck him in the face, causing a deep laceration and resulting in major surgery.

With a lengthy recovery ahead of him, Chris made it a goal to get back to work as soon as possible.

The day he was released from hospital, he discussed suitable duties with his health and safety manager. A recovery-at-work schedule was developed, and while the risk of infection ruled out a number of tasks, meaningful off-site duties were made available.

“It wasn’t what I was used to, but it gave me a goal and kept me busy,” Chris said.

Chris has since returned to his normal role and has taken it upon himself to ensure no-one else suffers the same injury.

Whilst working off-site wasn’t what I was used to, it gave me a goal and kept me busy, and it was actually really rewarding to be able to work across different departments. I wanted to make sure I could still contribute to work despite my injury. This award has recognised my commitment to my recovery", says Chris. 

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