For more than 20 years, Bohmer’s Tree Care has provided modern, eco-friendly arboriculture services in the Illawarra. In an industry where safety hazards range from a fall from a height to a surprise bee hive, Bohmer’s understands the importance of quality safety systems to keep it’s workers safe.

Workers at Bohmer’s are encouraged to take ownership of their safety. From the day of induction to becoming qualified arborists, they are guided and mentored by Bohmer’s owner and head aborist, Clive Woodnutt.

Every job is risk assessed by Clive, with the results uploaded to a central cloud-based safety management system. Workers can access step-by-step instructions and risks for a particular job, removing the guesswork
that can come with such an unpredictable environment. Workers are also encouraged to upload suggestions and improvements to the system, creating a continuously improving safety framework.

The company’s passion for safety extends beyond its workers, with Clive regularly conducting tree safety workshops for schools and TAFE, as well as sharing knowledge throughout the industry as part of his
participation in the SafeWork NSW Mentor Program.

This award has assisted in winning new contracts and business opportunities including a new contract with our local council. It has only been positive for us.” Clive Woodnutt, Owner of Bohmer's Tree Care. 

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